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«He [Martin Cooper] has said that watching Captain Kirk using his communicator on the television show Star Trek inspired him with a stunning idea —to develop a handheld mobile phone.  He and his team took only 90 days in 1973 to create the first portable cellular 800 MHz phone prototype.»

captain Kirk

[Text extret de: How Star Trek inspired an innovation —your cell phone]


5 pensaments sobre “Curiositat 3

  1. nafcom diu:

    I am sorry, but this article is false. Marty Cooper was not inspired by Star Trek for his invention of the mobile phone. That was a rumor started by the humorist fake docu movie “How William Shatner changed the world”. He stated himself that inspiration came from the “Dick Tracy” comic stripes during the Skype video interview that we did with him this February. It can be watched in its entire here on our homepage:

  2. Hello, Nafcom! This is very interesting. We didn’t know that fact. We will try to watch the video linked in your comment as soon as possible. Thank you for visiting our blog.

    • nafcom diu:

      Hello Maria. Thanks for your reply. When I saw the clip in that movie, I found it a bit suspicious and wasn’t sure whether this is a true fact or not, hence I decided to ask that as the first question when I had my Skype video interview with Marty 🙂

      I would be very happy if you were giving me feedback on how you liked the interview 🙂 (contact form is on our homepage). Cheers and enjoy watching it! 🙂

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